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Our Reason Behind

I am Raymond Fohjem, the one behind My goal behind xKnowHow is to help people world wide anyway I can in the form of various self-help issues. One of my desires is to make xKnowHow a one stop for solutions and a bag of ideas on how to make your everyday life a bright one. I am constantly amazed how has been empowering people from different backgrounds around the world get over bad habits, unwanted emotions, breakups, fear, regret and today, many are happy in life. What I have been sharing and recommending to my readers worldwide are methods that work and many of them also said the same thing.

I endeavor to give you nothing but forward and directive steps in life, and not just motivational words that lose their effects the next day. I work hard to see that, I provide easy and direct ways to learn new stuffs, enforce old ideas and how to carry day-to-day life tasks. The good news here is that all articles, services and options here are totally free of any charge including :

  • Free articles: I will never charge you a penny to read my articles.
  • Accurate information: I strive to ensure the articles on this website ( are accurate and backed by research.

I value your precious time

I know how the internet can be very frustrating especially when you are not getting the appropriate information at the right time. Even though this website is based on complex psychology and human behavioral science, still, I try to make sure you get just the maximum amount of information that is compressed, and concentrated directly to the subject matter. Here, all articles are presented in a simple and understandable format for the purpose of easy visualizing.

Assurance of change

Here, change is guaranteed. I don't need to promise you how your life will look like after going through just few articles, but at the end you will also have something to say as others. See what others are saying about after experiencing positive life changes.


You can find an article or poem by selecting from the main categories above or below. In xKnowHow, we have thirteen (11) main categories, which act as some kind of support to your day-to-day life activities. The first category is:

In this category, you will find articles that are well explained in an understandable format on relationship's issues and their solutions. They deal with breakups, love, dating, ex-lover, attraction, approaching someone, feelings, sending out right impression, how to recover, cheating, problems of trust etc.

This category has a lot to do with friendships and our day-to-day activities with. Some times, when life is good or bad, you can always turn to this category. Here, you will find articles that have to do with making new friends, building lasting relationship, helping them, knowing who is your friend and lots more etc.

In this department, you will find articles that can be used as some kind of support in different personal development topics. We have a lot more articles covering topics like how to become successful, living your value, joyful life, empower your beliefs, increasing your productivity and many more.

This category has to do with everything positively about healthy marital life and the upbringing of children. It involves advices on marriage life, divorce, remarriage, teenage marriage, children issues etc. If you are marriage or planning to do so, then take a look at some of them.

This category has to do with website, traffic and making money online. It deals with the step-by-step process on how to become famous in the world of online.

In this category, you will find nothing but effective methods on how to ruin a successful business and how you can easily start a business with almost nothing to something.

This category will help you become more conscious of your self-ability and how to resist negative thoughts about yourself and others.

Love Poems
This category has many heart touching love poems. In our list of love poems collection, we have beautiful short love poems from heart to heart. Short love and break up poems which are mesmerizing and inspiring. They are concentrated on love, breakup, relationships, admiration, satisfaction, my prince.

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